Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to do Patch update on VMware ESX through ESX Console

How to do Patch update on VMware ESX through ESX Console 

Today  we got an opportunity learn How to do patch update in VMware ESX. It was wonderful learning/Sharing  experience   Shared by Mr.Sasi (Great VMware Certified Engineer).

The way he has Shared his Experience is really Wonderful.  I appreciate his quick work.
The following things we have learned from  Sasi:

Prerequisites Before patch update:
1)    Check CD-Rom is unmounted to Local device. ( It will avoid unnecessary simple problems during VMotion)
2)    Check the available space in the Esx server using df –h ( / should have atleast 50 MB free space )

Preparation for Patch update:
·         Set the Server in to Maintenance Mode

Install the patch via the Service console with root privileges:

The command to update patch:
#esxupdate  update –-bundle /vmfs/volume/ path_of the_update_zip ( Please copy the  downloaded zip file in to Data store so that administration time will be reduced because all ESX hosts in the cluster have access)  
After entering the patch update command . Patch installation will start automatically and will get success message.
  • Restart the server when there it is required through VC Client
Check the error logs if there is anything while updation. The following files needs to be checked.
4) /var/log/vmware/hostd.log
After Completion  Exit the the server in maintenance mode in VC. Wait for sometime and all vms will automatically will come up.

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